Energize yourself with Gojo Energy Jellies – it will give you the energy and focus you need to make it through your day. Whatever you’ve got planned, whether it’s a night of hitting the books or hitting the clubs, a workout at the gym or just walking the dog, Gojo will help you find your Mojo.

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  • icon_tasteGreat taste
  • icon_energyProvides energy
  • icon_focusHelps mental focus
  • icon_allergenAllergen free
  • icon_glutenGluten free
  • icon_preservativePreservative free
  • icon_veganVegan
  • icon_strawberryStrawberry flavor

How it works

Most energy products on the market are all about high intensity and extreme activities. Gojo is different. Each bag of power packed jellies lets you customize your energy level. Studying for a test? Take a few jellies to help you focus. Preparing for a marathon? Take a whole bag to maintain the energy you need to cross the finish line. Gojo believes that power is nothing without control. Take control!

What’s in GoJo

Gojo’s are natural-colored and natural-flavored jellies. The Mojo comes from a blend of B Vitamins, Taurine, Caffeine and Guarana Extract. We’re preservative, gluten, dairy, soy, tree nut and peanut free. We’re even vegan. You can now get all the mojo you want and need with Gojo.


  • icon_bvitamins

    B Vitamins

    HELP breakdown and PROCESS FOODS TO CREATE  ENERGY for the body

  • icon_caffeine



  • icon_taurine


    an important amino acid used in the body for the metabolism of fats

  • icon_guarana

    Guarana extract

    A NATURAL STIMULANT containing caffeine, guarana REDUCES your MENTAL AND PHYSICAL FATIGUE to keep you going

Talent Needs MoJo!

Have a dream? Want to share your passion? Gojo collaborates with talent shows nationwide to give contestants the energy and focus they need to help them achieve their dreams.

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